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Is your coffee free of mycotoxins?

The truth about mycotoxins is that there is a lot of misinformation about it in coffee and some compa­nies propagating this misinformation in order to sell their product. The number one way to ensure no mycotoxins in your coffee is to buy high quality. As specialty roasters, we only deal in specialty coffee (the highest […]

What is anaerobic process coffee?

Anaerobic fermentation is a coffee processing method where coffee is fermented in pressurized sealed tanks deprived of oxygen. This lack of oxygen produces distinct acids, lactic acids for example, that create a different and distinct flavor profile for the coffee. This process can be done with the coffee still in cherry or with coffee that […]

What is a wet hulled coffee?

Wet-hulled coffees from Sumatra/Indonesia tend to be very earthy with tobacco notes and this is largely because of the way they are processed. Wet hulling is a processing technique unique to Sumatra/Indonesia where they remove the last protective layer of the coffee seed-the parchment-before the coffee seed is dried thoroughly. The majority of coffee we […]

What is a natural process coffee?

Envision this. Your roasted coffee bean that you receive, is originally a green coffee seed growing inside a coffee cherry that grows on coffee trees. The coffee cherry is picked once ripe during harvesting. From there, it is processed in a variety of ways at the farm level (before it ever gets to the roaster.) […]

Do you offer samples?

We do not currently have any sample-sized coffees (8 oz or 12 oz is our smallest package). If you are not already signed up for our newsletter, however, you can get some great deals that way and be the first to hear about any new coffee arrivals. Upon signing up, you will immediately receive a […]

Do you have coffees that are low acid?

We recommend purchasing based on origin/varietal of coffee if you are looking for a mellower acidity. Coffees from South and Central America or Sumatra, for example, tend to have a mellower or rounder acidity. African coffees, especially Ethiopian coffees, will have a much brighter, more citrusy, more sparkling acidity. Again this will all depend on […]

Is your coffee organic?

We always offer a good variety of organic certified coffees. If you click on any given coffee, it will say organic under the certification section if it is indeed organic.

Is your coffee fair trade?

Yes, actually much better. We have moved beyond a fair trade model to a sustainability through quality model. We pay vastly far and above the rates mandated by “fair trade” and find that model is not actually be advantageous for farmers nor actually a fair trade. We pay 4, 5, 6, 7 times (and much […]

Roast dating. Why don’t you roast date your coffee?

We do not roast date our coffee due to limited room on our packaging and to maintain production efficiency, but we do guaran­tee shipment within 48 hours of roasting. We understand the importance of fresh roasted coffee and you can rest assured that you are getting just that. We do understand, however, that the roast […]

What coffee should I order for espresso? What’s the difference between your coffee and your espresso?

In our case, there is actually no difference between our espresso and coffees. We light to light medium roast all of our coffees/espresso. We encourage customers to order any of our single origin coffees for espresso and have moved away from labeling any coffees as espresso (because they were, in fact, the same exact product/coffee […]

Sold out coffees-When will you be getting coffee X back again?

Coffees daily presence in our lives may make us forget the fact that coffee is indeed a crop, with a maturation and harvest cycle that will dictate its availability. Each year we sample the best of the best crops that are coming in and it is often not that same farm that we buy from […]

Why are your beans dry/wrinkly looking? Why are they not oily?

Our beans are not oily. Most high quality beans from reputable roasters will not be roasted dark enough to force the oils from the bean. (Light roasted coffees appear dry/wrinkly.) Our practice is to roast light enough so that the essential oils that contribute to a coffees taste are still inside (in fact preserved much […]

Why don’t you put the roast level on your coffees?

All of our coffees are light to light medium roasted. We are taking it to another level and really working hard to encourage people to talk about the aromas and flavors they prefer in a coffee vs. the roast level. We taste a vast amount of coffees to select just one. Variety, country of origin, […]

What is the roast level of your coffees?

All of our coffees are light to light medium roasted.