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Sold out coffees-When will you be getting coffee X back again?

Coffees daily presence in our lives may make us forget the fact that coffee is indeed a crop, with a maturation and harvest cycle that will dictate its availability. Each year we sample the best of the best crops that are coming in and it is often not that same farm that we buy from and/or we may purchase super special small microlots that have limited availability. Even if it is a direct trade partner we work frequently with from year to year, we will often switch up the lots/coffees we are bringing in. What we can guarantee is that we always have amazing coffees from a variety of origins and although we may be sold out of a certain coffee, we will be able to find other coffees that you will love. If you loved a coffee and want to know what would be comparable—shoot us an email at or give us a call at 608.256.5282.