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Why are your beans dry/wrinkly looking? Why are they not oily?

Our beans are not oily. Most high quality beans from reputable roasters will not be roasted dark enough to force the oils from the bean. (Light roasted coffees appear dry/wrinkly.) Our practice is to roast light enough so that the essential oils that contribute to a coffees taste are still inside (in fact preserved much better) and are not susceptible to becoming stale by being forced outside of the bean.

We spend a lot of time sourcing super special/unique coffees and work really hard to find the sweet spot for each of our coffees. A dark roast will not display the many myriads of aromas and flavors that make a coffee special but will simply create roast imparted flavors that are easy to duplicate no matter the quality. A dark roast can also hide defects, which is why it is often used for low quality beans.