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Why don’t you put the roast level on your coffees?

All of our coffees are light to light medium roasted.

We are taking it to another level and really working hard to encourage people to talk about the aromas and flavors they prefer in a coffee vs. the roast level. We taste a vast amount of coffees to select just one. Variety, country of origin, farm level techniques, processing methods, etc all have an impact on cup quality and the flavor/aroma of your coffee. We light to light medium roast all of our coffee because we spend a lot of time sourcing just really special coffees and this is what will really showcase the aroma and flavor notes that make a coffee unique. (Why would you burn off all the unique flavors of a high quality coffee to simply create roast imparted flavors that are easy to duplicate no matter the quality?) All of our coffees taste vastly different depending on variety, country of origin, processing methods etc. We believe we have a coffee for everyone. If you like more chocolate and caramel notes (maybe you are used to dark roasts), we have a coffee for you.  If you love high-end fruit notes or citrus notes, we have the coffee for you. We really want people to talk about coffee more like people talk about wine. Coffee actually has over 850 aromatic and flavor compounds. That is over 4 times as much as wine. Lets talk about what aroma and flavor notes you like in your coffee.

If you have a question about what coffee you should try or what you would like based on your taste preferences, shoot us an give us a call at 608.256.5282.