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What is a natural process coffee?

Envision this. Your roasted coffee bean that you receive, is originally a green coffee seed growing inside a coffee cherry that grows on coffee trees. The coffee cherry is picked once ripe during harvesting. From there, it is processed in a variety of ways at the farm level (before it ever gets to the roaster.) Most of the coffee we drink is washed processed. In this process, the coffee cherry and mucilage are removed (by a process of de-pulping, fermentation, and washing) from the coffee seed before the coffee is dried. Natural process, conversely, refers to a coffee processing tech­nique where the coffee is laid out to dry with the coffee cherry intact (rather than removing the cherry skin and mucilage before drying). This creates a natural fermentation environment for the coffee and can produce very intense fruit and floral notes. If you like intense fruit and floral aromas and tasting notes, a natural process is a great coffee for you to try.