Teremuka Bundle

$45.00 / 24oz
Producer: Smallholder Farmer Members of Teremuka Coffee Estate
Varietal(s): SL-34, SL-28, Ruiru 11
Growing Elevation: 2100 Meters
Processing: Washed. Dried on Raised Beds.
Region: Nakuru County

These two coffees hail from smallholder farmers contributing to the Teremuka Coffee Estate in Nakuru County Kenya. The deep volcanic soil of the region-in the breathtaking Great Rift Valley- is rich in organic matter which is ideal for growing coffee. Couple that with the temperate climate and some of the world’s most coveted coffee varietals, and you have a winning recipe for producing exceptional coffee. The first coffee in the bundle-our Teremuka Peaberry- is composed solely of peaberries. A peaberry is when only one small round bean forms in the coffee cherry rather than the usual two. Peaberries are often separated out from regular beans to sell as a distinct grade of coffee because of their elevated and unique cup profile. This particular lot is a wonderful example of what makes a peaberry coffee special. It’s jammy and juicy with tasting notes of pomegranate, cran razz sauce and muscovado sugar. The second coffee-our Termuka-boasts a big body, juicy acidity and tasting notes of blueberry, blackberry, lavender and macadamia.

Coffee was first introduced to the Teremuka Estate in the colonial era until in 1978 when the farmers took ownership of the estate and established a democratically-run cooperative with over 1,000 members.  The cooperative expanded the estates total farming area to 111 hectares and they produce 800 metric tons of coffee cherry each year. Coffee cherries are harvested in the early morning and pulped with clean water from the nearby Olabaniata River the same day. The coffee is then fermented overnight before washing and strategic grading. It is then dried on raised beds.

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