Twisted V.7

Passionfruit. Almond Butter. Cocoa.
$18.00 / 12oz
Coffee Review
Body: Full & Syrupy
Acidity: Mellow
Region: South/Central America and Africa

Named for the way espresso “twists” as it streams from the spout of a portafilter, our Twisted Espresso blend is crafted to marry the chocolate and caramel notes of a classic espresso roast with the bright fruit notes of newer wave espressos.

The Coffee Review scored this coffee 93 pts and says: Pistachio, tea rose, baking chocolate, fresh-cut fir, dried plum in aroma and small cup. Crisp, satiny mouthfeel; sweetly nut-toned, chocolaty finish. In three parts milk, both chocolate and nut tones are amplified, while spice-toned florals persist. A very appealing and affordable espresso blend animated by rich floral, chocolate and nut tones. Especially vibrant in cappuccino-scaled milk.

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