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New Gold Honey Coffee!

Honey Coffee
Introducing a memorable coffee from another innovative Colombia coffee grower who is pushing the boundaries in cultivation and processing. This coffee is super syrupy and thick with tasting notes of jasmine, candied lemon, sangria, Juicy Fruit gum, maple, and honey. Our cuppers called this coffee intensely floral, super unique and “very cool.” Definitely another must-try from Colombia!
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About: Finca Campo Hermoso is a 15 ace farm outside of Circasia, Colombia. Owner Edwin Norena is an agroindustrial engineer by trade and a highly aspirational coffee producer by passion. He focuses on cultivating very specific varieties paired with unique processing methods intended to express surprising, memorable and delicious coffees. This particular lot is made up of Yellow Bourbon and Yellow Caturra (mutations where the coffee cherry is actually yellow when it ripens versus the typical red of a ripe coffee cherry.) Edwin’s processing for this lot involves a two-step fermentation. Fresh cherry is first soaked in water for one hour and then subjected to a carbonic maceration fermentation (where the fruit is sealed in a chamber with a one-way valve for oxygen to escape but not enter, creating an increasingly Co2 rich environment as the cherry ferments.) After 48 hours, the cherry is then depulped and subjected to a second 72 hour fermentation in a covered tank with the addition of the yellow “must”-the sugary, tangy juice produced during carbonic maceration. Once complete the parchment is washed, leaving about 25% of the original mucilage intact, and dried for around 15 days on raised beds. Edwin’s unique varietals coupled with very intentional, in-depth processing methods create a memorable cup that is sweet, tangy and unique.
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