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New Coffee! Giakanja Kenya

best kenya coffee
Our director of coffee doesn’t throw out a pow-pow and a wow for very many coffees and that is precisely what is cupping notes said for this jammy, thick, and sparkling Kenya. If you love an exemplary Kenya coffee, our new Giakanja Kenya is for you. The cup boasts tasting notes of rhubarb crisp, cranberry, dark chocolate, red currant, and ginger. It exemplifies everything we love about coffees coming from the Nyeri coffee growing region- it’s both classically Kenyan yet uniquely complex. Enjoy!
About. This coffee is grown by smallholder farmer members of the Giankanja Farmers’ Cooperative Society. Farms are located on the southern slopes of Mt. Kenya and the foothills of the Aberdare mountain range. The Nyeri region is perhaps Kenya’s best known coffee growing region and that is for good cause. Red volcanic soil full of minerals and an exemplary climate create ideal conditions for coffee growing. The coffees coming from this region are known for their currant-like profiles that boast a candy-like sweetness and notable effervescence. Farmers selectively hand pick red ripe cherry and deliver for wet milling the same day. The coffee cherries are then fermented, washed, and sun dried on raised beds.
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