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New! A Direct Trade Coffee from Tío Conejo

direct trade coffee
This new direct trade coffee from our friends at Cafe Tío Conejo is a shining example of what makes the coveted Geisha variety so special. It’s crisp, juicy and exploding with fruit and floral notes. We tasted navel orange, black raspberry, wisteria, agave and jasmine. This exceptional variety, coupled with Tío Conejo’s meticulous dedication to quality on the farm level, creates a truly lovely and unique cup of coffee that comes highly recommended from the JBC cupping team. If you love a high quality Geisha coffee, this one is a must-try.
About Tío Conejo. We can’t say enough good things about the fine folks at Tío Conejo. They exude positivity and bring that optimism to every step of their work in coffee, whether that is growing unique coffees on their farm or connecting roasters with other like-minded growers in Colombia. On the farm-level, they are committed to sustainability and the environment. They don’t use any pesticides; produce their own foods in order to reduce their carbon footprint; ensure zero contamination in their water systems; compensate their workers generously; and make sure that their farm has minimal impact on the environment.
Learn more about JBC, five time Good Food Award winners and named one of the best coffee roasters in the nation by Forbes and Gear Patrol with over 340 90 plus rated coffees at the Coffee Review. The Chicago Tribune called JBC one of Wisconsin’s standout roasters and the Daily Meal said our espresso will elevate your mornings. We are focused on quality-driven, sustainable coffees.

Unparalleled quality, a human story, and sustainability – that’s our coffee philosophy.

  • Unparalleled quality. We won’t buy a coffee unless we know that it will inspire you.
  • A human story. Often times a producer’s story gets lost in the coffee supply chain. It’s our focus to provide a seed to cup experience, honoring everyone involved.
  • Sustainability. We purchase sustainable coffees directly from producers and through brokers who share our goal of making coffee a sustainable commodity. Financially and environmentally, the coffees we purchase seek balance.