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New Coffee! Kibingo Burundi

Burundi is back! It’s been a minute since we’ve had a Burundi coffee on the floor and we’re very excited to introduce our new Kibingo Burundi. This lot was processed utilizing an anaerobic yeast fermentation which creates intensified fruit and floral notes that really allow this coffee to shine. Boasting tasting notes of plum, lime, and candied ginger, this syrupy and winey coffee is definitely a must-try for Burundi lovers or those seeking a unique, high quality coffee experience. Enjoy!
About. There are 3,515 smallholders living around Kayanza, Burundi who deliver their coffee cherry to Kibingo washing station operated by Greenco. In addition to operating 13 washing stations in Burundi and processing excellent coffee, Greenco works diligently with communities to increase farmer livelihoods and general equality in coffee producing areas. Their average cherry buying price is significantly above average and farmers are rewarded for quality initiatives.
During the harvest season, coffee is selectively hand-picked and delivered to the Kibingo washing station. Cherry is then pulped and separated by density into high and low grade. Once pulped, coffee is placed in airtight, Epoxy-coated, concrete fermentation tanks and Lalcafe Intenso yeast is added to the tanks.The yeast helps control the fermentation process, protecting the coffee from micro-organisms that can produce undesirable defects and spoilage. Furthermore, its specific metabolism and durability in cold temperatures, enhance the expression of fresh and fruity characteristics in the coffee beans. Complexity, acidity, brightness, and flavor notes can all be boosted with the lengthened fermentation time.