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To get started, you'll need a V60 or Kalita Wave brewer, a scale, a timer, 23g of JBC coffee and water heated to 208° f.

Start by rinsing your paper filter thoroughly. After rinsing, dump out the hot water used for rinsing.

Next, grind your coffee medium/coarse and dose the ground coffee into your brewer. Shake the brewer to flatten the coffee into an even bed.

Tare your scale. The next step is to pour 50g of water into the center of the brew bed moving in a spiral outward.

It's important as you're pouring to evenly saturate all of the coffee to produce a more even extraction.

Once your timer reaches 30 seconds, add 100g of water remembering to pour in a spiral pattern from the center outward.

At 1:30, add 100g more water to the brew bed remembering to pour in a spiral pattern.

At 2:30, begin to pour your final 100g of water, aiming to reach an end weight of 350g at around 4:00.

Once your brew is complete, mix it well, serve it up and enjoy!