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Drip Coffee

To start, you will need a coffee brewer; coffee grinder; Third Wave water or spring water; and a scale. Pro tip: Avoid using tap water especially in certain locations. Pro tip #2: A high quality burr grinder (Baratza has great options) and a high quality brewer (Bonavita is a great option) will make your coffee even that much better.

Weigh the water and add it to your brewer reservoir. (The amount of water you will use will depend on your brewer’s capacity and how much coffee you would like to prepare. See ratio recommendations in the next segment.)

Weigh your coffee. We recommend a 1 to 16 ratio (1g of coffee for every 16 grams of water). So for instance, if you are using a 10-cup brewer and would like to make a full batch you will use roughly 83 grams of coffee and 1328 grams of water.

Grind your coffee medium coarse.

Add coffee to the filter. Shake to distribute evenly and level.

coffee job

Position your brew basket into its proper location and start brewing. Allow your machine to finish its entire brew cycle. Enjoy!