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To start, you'll need an AeroPress brewer, a digital scale, a timer, something to stir with, a decanter, water heated to 205° f and 14g of JBC coffee ground medium/coarse.

Start out by rinsing your paper filter to get rid of that nasty paper filter taste that comes along with it.

Next, dose your ground coffee into the AeroPress brewer and shake the brewer to settle the coffee into a nice even bed.

Start your timer and pour 50g of water into the brew bed, making sure to saturate all of the coffee evenly.

Next, stir the brew bed vigorously 3-4 times. This ensures that all of our brew bed is evenly saturated and, thus, will extract more evenly.

At this point, fill the brewer up until you reach the total weight of 210g. Once you've reached 210g, apply your filter/filter cap to the brewer and wait.

Once your timer reaches 2:00, flip the brewer and begin your plunge! Our goal is to have completed our plunge within 30-45 seconds, giving us a final brew time of 2:35-2:45.

Now that your brew is complete, mix it up and decant.