Yaye Chericho

Lemon Drop. Wildflower Honey. Lavender. Pineapple Upside Down Cake. Elderflower Tonic.
$22.00 / 8oz
Coffee Review
Body: Silky
Acidity: Sparkling & Bright
Producer: Smallholder Farmers. Faysel Abdosh. Catalyst Trade.
Variety: Variety 74110. Variety 74158.
Growing Elevation: 1995-2230 Meters
Processing: 72-Hour Extended Fermentation
Region: Chericho, Sidama, Ethiopia.

Wow. This coffee had us at hello. With all the emerging experimental techniques for processing coffees taking place at the farm level, we have yet to see very much experimentation with Ethiopian coffees. And our first thought is why would you need to when the classical processing techniques in Ethiopia-washed and natural-produce such lovely and classic cups? Well, because apparently, if done right, you can intensify that beautiful Ethiopian profile and create what we can only describe as a magical cup. Introducing our Yaye Chericho Ethiopia. It is the classic Ethiopian profile on steroids! Huge huge lemon and floral notes abound in this super unique coffee. It’s silky and sparkling with tasting notes of lemon drop, wildflower honey, lavender, pineapple upside down cake, elderflower tonic, and granny smith apple. It is a beauty! We know we always say this, but you really must try this coffee.

Farm Level Info. This coffee comes from smallholder farmers contributing their coffee cherry to Faysel Abdosh and the Catalyst Trade team in Chericho, Ethiopia. Catalyst Trade has developed a unique processing method for this coffee which seeks to boost certain targeted flavor compounds while not significantly altering the coffee’s own inherent flavor. Their 72-hour extended fermentation process starts out like a typical washed processed coffee-filling a fermentation tank with pulped coffee cherries. Rather than a typical 24 to 48 hour fermentation cycle with water changed roughly every 12 hours, however, they intentionally retain the water through the fermentation process. This not only saves water (making this coffee much more environmentally friendly) but also creates a unique enzymatic environment for the coffee. The coffee is then monitored closely to prevent over-fermentation and souring while still developing the coffee to its fullest potential. Next, Catalyst introduces a double fermentation interval outside of the submerged fermentation process, allowing the team to target desired enzymatic reactions which tend to be fruited and explosive, while still retaining articulation and avoiding over-fermented characteristics.  The coffee is then washed and moved to drying beds where it is monitored to ensure even distribution of sunlight and airflow.  

Beyond the Coffee. Not only is Catalyst Trade and Mr. Abdosh deeply devoted to producing excellent coffee but they are also devoted to the community. Mr. Abdosh runs a foundation committed to raising awareness about the obstacles faced by Ethiopian coffee farmers in the region: lack of infrastructure, minimal electricity and often no basic medical aid. He has helped found 2 primary schools in the Aricha area and a comprehensive high school in the Hamasho village.


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