Wilton Benitez Pink Bourbon

Pink Bubblegum. Strawberry Blossom. Blackberry Buttercream.
$28.00 / 8oz
Body: Syrupy & Silky
Acidity: Winey & Juicy
Producer: Wilton Benitez
Variety: Pink Bourbon
Growing Elevation: 1900 Meters
Processing: Sterilization with Ozone Gas & Ultraviolet Light. Thermal Shock Treatment. Anaerobic Yeast Fermentation. Controlled Ecological Drying.
Region: Piendamó, Cauca, Colombia.

Our most talked about coffees come from renowned coffee producer Wilton Benitez. It is a day filled with anticipation when we know we have samples to cup from Wilton and this stunning coffee stood out on a table filled with exceptional coffees. This particular lot is a single varietal-Pink Bourbon. Pink Bourbon was first discovered and grown in Colombia and is known for its intense floral notes and pleasant acidity. The Pink Bourbon variety also has a higher glucose content which produces a sweeter cup and silkier body. Couple this unique variety with the meticulous and innovative processing at the farm level and the result is a delicious and memorable coffee. It’s juicy, sugary sweet, syrupy, and silky with tasting notes of pink bubblegum, strawberry blossom, blackberry buttercream, orange, and purple grape.

The unique process at the farm level. Wilton Benitez is at the forefront of innovation in coffee processing and is doing amazing things to create unique and masterful flavors. He is a chemical engineer turned high-end coffee grower and his science background, coupled with decades of experience in coffee growing/tasting, have led to some of the most unique and nuanced coffees we’ve experienced. Through fermentation technology and strict processing protocols, he is discovering endless possibilities for enhancing and highlighting the unique and special characteristics of his carefully cultivated coffees. Processing of this particular pink bourbon lot started with sterilizing selectively harvested ripe coffee cherries with ozone gas and ultraviolet light. The coffee cherry was then pulped and a fermentation began in an anaerobic bioreactor where specific yeast strains were added to even further enhance the fruity and citric characteristics of the coffee. The coffee was fermented for 36 hours, then washed, and then taken to ecological drying equipment where the drying curve was configured.

Wilton Benitez
Wilton Benitez

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