Strawberry Rhubarb. Sweet Melon. Vanilla. Milk Chocolate.
$18.00 / 12oz
Coffee Review
Body: Creamy
Acidity: Juicy
Producer: Smallholder Farmers
Variety: Caturra. Colombia. Castillo.
Growing Elevation: 2000 Meters
Processing: Washed
Region: Buesaco. Narino. Colombia.

Sourced from the elevated terrains of Buesaco Nariño in southern Colombia, this exquisite coffee is cultivated at over 2,000 meters above sea level- on average. Coffee in Buesaco is primarily grown by local smallholder farmers on the hills and slopes of this mountainous region. Buesaco’s unique geographic and climatic conditions, characterized by volcanic soil and an average temperature of 18.6 °C, provide an optimal environment for producing easy sipping coffees with a round acidity and sweet notes.  The coffee here is deeply embedded in the region’s history and economy since the 18th century.


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