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New Spring Drink Recipe: Wilton Benitez Pink Drink

Spring Drink Recipe
New Spring Drink Recipe!


Introducing our new Signature Drink Series where we share unique seasonal drink recipes that we’ve developed featuring some of our most unique coffees, coupled with a flash sale on the featured coffee! Our very first signature drink is what we would describe as the perfect Spring drink. Introducing our Wilton Benitez Pink Drink. It’s mouth watering and refreshing, highlighting the distinctive fruit-forward notes of our Wilton Benitez Pink Bourbon while adding a lovely sweet-tart note from Quince & Apple’s Rhubarb Hops Simple Syrup and a pop of citrus from the fresh lime juice. Enjoy!


Two espresso shots of Wilton Benitez Pink Bourbon

(Check out our espresso recipe from our Brew Guides)

35g Rhubarb Hops Simple Syrup

(We used Quince & Apples Rhubarb Hops Syrup)

10g Fresh Lime Juice

3 oz Tonic Water



Step 1: Add the Rhubarb Hops to the bottom of your glass

Step 2: Fill the glass with ice

Step 3: Add tonic water

Step 5: Add lime juice

Step 6: Slowly pour espresso on top

Stir and Enjoy!

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Learn more about JBC, five time Good Food Award winners and named one of the best coffee roasters in the nation by Forbes and Gear Patrol with over 340 90 plus rated coffees at the Coffee Review.  Our Wilton Benitez Pink Bourbon was just named the number one coffee in the world in 2023 at the Coffee Review and received national acclaim. The Chicago Tribune called JBC one of Wisconsin’s standout roasters and the Daily Meal said our espresso will elevate your mornings. We are focused on quality-driven, sustainable coffees.

Unparalleled quality, a human story, and sustainability – that’s our coffee philosophy.

  • Unparalleled quality. We won’t buy a coffee unless we know that it will inspire you.
  • A human story. Often times a producer’s story gets lost in the coffee supply chain. It’s our focus to provide a seed to cup experience, honoring everyone involved.
  • Sustainability. We purchase sustainable coffees directly from producers and through brokers who share our goal of making coffee a sustainable commodity. Financially and environmentally, the coffees we purchase seek balance.