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New! Medina Guatemala Natural

We are so excited about this coffee. This special natural process coffee from Guatemala boasts a sweet-tart acidity, velvety body, and tasting/aroma notes of cherry blossom, strawberry rhubarb pie, and cane sugar. Our cupping notes said things like wow, super sweet, and mouth-watering. If you are a fan of sweet and complex natural process coffees, this coffee is for you. We highly recommend snagging a bag today. Buy now.
Coffee Story. This coffee comes from neighboring farms Finca Medina and Anexo Portal located in Antigua, Guatemala. Antigua’s climate, high altitude, fertile volcanic soils, and a distinct agricultural tradition all contribute to a level of quality that is hard to match. At both farms, the staff implement modern processing technology that plays a big role in the quality and consistency of their coffees. This particular lot is a stunning example of a beautiful naturally processed Guatemala that we consider a must-try.