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New Coffee! El Aguacate

A new Guatemala micro-lot has arrived at JBC coffee Roasters and it is a gorgeous coffee.

This lovely micro-lot is full of floral tones with tasting and aroma notes of jasmine, sweet citrus, kiwi, and caramel.

The producer, Eddy José Martinez, prioritizes bringing forth excellent coffee with high standards. One of Edy’s main sources of pride is seeing his efforts and dedication pay off in the cup quality of his coffee. A great method for brewing El Aguacate is with the AeroPress. Here is a simple recipe for a dynamite cup of coffee.

AreoPress –

Specs – 14 grams dry, medium /coarse grind, Third Wave water, water temp 205 degrees.

Recipe – Start by rinsing your paper filter. Next dose 14g of dry grounds into the AeroPress. Tare scale, start your timer, and begin pouring:

50g bloom

Stir 3 – 4 times.

Pour to 210g

Place cap with filter to the brewer

When the time reaches 2:00, flip the brewer onto mug and plunge. Continue pushing down slowly within 30 – 45 seconds.

The AeroPress should finish at // 2:35 – 2:45