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New Coffee! La Candelilla Geisha Natural

Another coffee that is simply too good to miss! We are so excited to introduce our new La Candelilla Geisha Natural. Our cupping notes for this coffee were filled with a plethora of different fruit and floral notes including hibiscus, lemon meringue, raspberry, Orange Crush, kiwi, apricot, grape candy, and vanilla. It’s complex, sparkling, and lush. We highly recommend grabbing a bag today while supplies last.
Coffee Story. La Candelilla was one of the very first micromills established in the popular coffee-growing region of Tarrazú in Costa Rica. It’s a collaboratively owned micromill, established by 7 smallholder producers who share ownership. This particular lot is a natural process coffee from one of the founders of the mill, Ricardo Hernandez Naranjo, who was among the first to suggest to his farmer mates that they should start the “mini beneficio.”
Don Ricardo has been growing coffee for 32 years, and is dedicated to quality and sustainability, as are many of the producers who utilize La Candelilla. His trees grow in rich ultisol, which is a type of red-clay soil that is particularly fertile in humid tropical or subtropical areas. This soil composition contains no calcium carbonate or lime. Once the ripe cherry is brought to the mill, it is processed depending on the profile and the weather.
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