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How long does your coffee stay fresh?

This is the age old question that has many answers across the board from different roasters. The short answer is that we would love for you to use your coffee from 4-28 days after roast if possible. This will be the optimum time for brewing for maximum flavor, aroma, acidity etc. Also, oxygen is what causes coffee to degrade so the more air-tight storage condition you can provide the better. The long answer, however, is that our coffee will actually last much longer than this and still taste great. All of our coffees are light to light medium roast and light roasted coffees last much longer than dark roasted coffees. If you roast dark enough to force the oils from the bean (we do not), all of those oils will lead to staling much faster. (Another great reason to move to the light side of things!) This is where it gets subjective for the coffee drinker and the coffee itself. The acidity may not be as popping or bright, but we have stored coffee for 3 to 6 months and the coffee still tastes great. This is where it is up to your palate. Coffee is safe to drink for longer than this time frame but will not taste as flavorful. So, shoot for 4-28 days after roasting for brewing, but it’s up to your palate after this timeframe and you could get a great cup of coffee for up to 3 months plus.