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Exciting New Things for JBC: New Website, New People, New Coffee!

Exciting New Things for JBC: New Website, New People, New Coffee!

Welcome to our new website. While it took a little bit of time to work out the kinks, we think we have ironed them all out and are extremely excited for this new space to bring you high quality specialty coffee and the latest coffee information.

Life has changed a little for our team at JBC Coffee Roasters. We are wearing masks in the roastery, social distancing with partition between desks, and have set up personal cupping stations and hand sanitation stations within the roastery. We are taking these changes in stride and are happy to do our part to help.

We are also pleased to introduce two new crew members. We have welcomed Alison as Production Manager & Wholesale Educator and Rachel as Brand Ambassador to our team. We are very excited by the positivity, creativity, and passion for specialty coffee they bring to the table. You can learn more about them on our About page.

Lastly, this has been one of our best crop cycles ever. Here at JBC, we are super excited to continue introducing you to some of just the best coffees. Keep your eyes peeled and look for new blog posts with recipes (and more) coming soon!