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Coffee Spotlight-San Diego Costa Rica Natural!

San Diego Cost Rica Natural

We seriously love this coffee. This natural process microlot hails from Beneficio San Diego, one of the most modern and largest coffee mills in Costa Rica. Established in 1888, this mill takes pride in its innovative spirit in coffee milling and processing. They are constantly striving to further quality standards while working with producers to improve quality and sustainability at the farm level. This particular microlot comes from the Tarrazu region. Farms here are an average of 3 hectares and this unique natural process coffee is produced by a community of smallholder farmers.

The body is creamy, and the acidity is bright. The aroma and tasting notes are strawberry, lavender, and grape juice. A wonderful natural process to try if you have not had much experience with naturals in the past!

San Diego Costa Rica Natural is a delicious coffee in all brewing methods. Have you tried it using a French Press yet? We hope you enjoy this recipe below.


12 oz serving

24 oz serving

36 oz serving

31 grams coffee

62 grams coffee

80 grams coffee

340 grams water

680 grams water

900 grams of water


Dose, Grind & Brew

  1. Heat water and weigh out desired amount of coffee. Next, grind coffee coarse.
  2. Add grounds to bottom of press and shake to distribute evenly.
  3. Tare (zero out) your scale with the press and coffee on top of it.
  4. Pre-infuse: Begin pouring water for 30-35 seconds (use twice the weight of the coffee for water amount). Stir vigorously with spoon during this process to release gases.
  5. Brew: After the pre-infusion, begin pouring until desired ratio of grounds to water is reached. Gently insert plunger and cap in the up position. Allow coffee to brew for 4:30 minutes.
  6. Press: Plunge gently to compress grounds to the bottom. Pour into serving cup and enjoy.