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Coffee Spotlight: El Jardin Colombia

1st Place winner – EL JARDIN

This special coffee was the 1st place winner in Antioquia’s Best Cup! So many of you loved this award-winning coffee from our Coffee for Peace box set and asked how to get more. Here you go! Out of all the coffees submitted from the Antioquia region in Colombia, this was the stand out. And it shows in the cup with unique aroma and flavor notes including jasmine, grape candy, honey, and cream soda; a creamy dreamy body; and a sparkling acidity. It truly is a special coffee. This coffee is also part of the Coffee for Peace program, an innovative program promoting sustainable development for farmers affected by violence in Colombia. This program supports farmers in sustainable farming and quality-forward innovations while promoting the sale of fully traceable specialty coffee.

To get the most out of this beautiful coffee, we suggest brewing a pour over with a v60. Try this recipe below!

V60 –

Specs – 27 grams dry, grind at 11, Third Wave water, water temp 205

Recipe – First, preheat your v60 water to 205. When you have reached the desired heat, rinse filter and dump out water. Pour 27g of your dry grounds into rinsed filter. Tare scale and begin pouring.

60g bloom

:45 – 200g

1:15 – 300g

2:00 – 400g

The v60 should finish dripping // 3:30 – 4:00