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French Press

To get started you'll need a French Press, a scale, something to stir with, 60g of JBC coffee and water heated to 208° f.

Start by grinding your coffee slightly more coarse than kosher salt. Once ground, dose the coffee into the brewer.

Next, start your timer and dose in your bloom.

Once you reach 130g, take your stir stick and stir the brew bed vigorously for about 10 seconds.

Once your timer reaches 40 seconds, pour the rest of your total brew weight as quickly as you can. We're shooting for a total of 800g.

At 800g, place your plunge into the French Press, submerging the filter just below the surface of the brew bed.

At 4:00, remove your brewer from your scale and begin your plunge.

Our goal with the plunge is to finish around 4:30.

Once your brew is complete, serve it up and enjoy!