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At JBC, we’re constantly brewing our coffee and tweaking brew variables to find the sweet spot for each of our coffees. We know that each brewer has his or her own recipes that they use to maximize flavor for their taste buds, but we wanted to pass on our ideal recipes so you’d have a place to start and to compare them with your own practices and guidelines. These brew reviews will help you dial in your coffees faster and create a constructive dialogue surrounding JBC coffees. Try the recipes and try your own. If you have one that works particularly well, reach out and we’ll try it (and maybe even blog about it :D). Let’s make JBC coffee as great as it can be together!


The JBC Crew

Please find our first brew review for our Banco Gotete Ethiopia below. Hope you enjoy!

Banco Gotete Ethiopia Brew Review

This coffee has become a JBC in-house favorite. When we cupped it as a purchase sample, it had us at fragrance. Jasmine and honeysuckle were forefront, followed by a subtle white peach note. In the cup, our team was happy to find that the peach flavor carried through and even intensified, reminding us of candied peach rings. As the cup cooled, with each slurp a velvety body and citrusy aftertaste brought back memories from childhood of Terry’s chocolate oranges.

We settled on a roast profile that exemplifies a lingering nectarine sweetness complemented by a lemon-lime citrus acidity (think Sierra Mist). If you’re looking for that crisp cup to leave winter behind and move into spring, there is no doubt that this coffee is exhilarating and motivating.

We’ve provided a recipe below that we think shows this coffee at its best. Try it at home or in your café!

V60 Recipe –

Specs – 1:16 ratio, medium coarse grind (8.3 on the EK), third wave water, 210 degrees in the kettle.

Recipe – weigh out 25 grams of coffee and grind medium coarse. Pour the coffee into your V60 and level the bed. Create a Barista Hustle bird’s nest (pictured below). For your first pour, pour vigorously into the center of your nest until you’ve poured 75 grams. At this point you should have saturated your bed of coffee. Go ahead and grab your v60 and spin it about 3 times to ensure that all your coffee in the bed is getting wet (here is an example of the spin!) . Wait until 45 seconds and then start your only continuous pour. Start in the center and work your way to the outside using concentric circle pours. Look to add all your water (400 grams in total) in at around 1 minute and 20 seconds. Once all of your water has been added, grab the v60 one more time and give it 3 more spins. This will help flatten your bed and prevent channeling (localized areas in the brew slurry that prevent evenness of extraction).

Here are the specs we really enjoy this coffee at on this recipe:

TDS: 1.40

Extraction: 19-19.5%

Bird’s Nest: