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New! Santa Teresa Panama Geisha

You’ve been asking and we are excited to deliver! Introducing a brand new direct trade geisha micro-lot that is a seriously delicious (think decadent and refreshing) and a really great value for a coveted geisha coffee at only $25/8 oz. Our Santa Teresa Panama Geisha- a honey process coffee-is silky and vibrant with tasting notes of jasmine, nectarine, strawberry, and Sprite. It’s a must-try!
About. Nestled high in the cloud forest near Panama’s highest peak Volcán Barú, is the coffee farm and mill Finca Santa Teresa (FST). Finca Santa Teresa, a regular finalist in the Best of Panama competition, is a well-known producer of unique, high quality coffees.The farm’s terroir – rich volcanic soils, high altitude, weather systems driven by the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans and a series of ridges and valleys – makes for incredible coffee.
This particular lot- aptly called Summer- is a 12 year old geisha plot that is planted under native shade trees. This lot is processed as a traditional honey, meaning the skins of the fruit were removed and then the coffee was laid out to dry with the meat of the fruit still surrounding the coffee seeds.
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