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New Coffee! La Bohemia Geisha

We are so excited to introduce an amazing coffee from notable female coffee grower Raquel Lasso. Our La Bohemia Geisha is a beautiful and classic representation of what makes the geisha varietal so special. It’s sparkling, sugary sweet, and silky with tasting notes of jasmine, lemon creme brulee, mango, and berry. Bonus: it’s also unusually affordable for a geisha of its quality at only $20/8 oz. This coffee is a must-try for anyone seeking a high quality geisha coffee experience at an exceptional value!
About. Raquel Lasso grew up on a coffee farm and some of her earliest memories are alongside the harvest, the wet milling and the selling of coffee. At an early age, she recognized coffee as an engine for economic development in her community and she has since made a name for herself as a prominent advocate for coffee growers in her area. She is the owner and operator of Finca La Bohemia and president of FUDAM, a 300 member association of growers focused on quality coffee, sustainable agriculture, and environmental protection and development. FUDAM has improved coffee quality tremendously in the area, in turn increasing household incomes for hundreds of smallholder farmers in La Union. It has also been instrumental in improving coffee processing, picking, fermentation, drying and storage, all while strongly promoting gender equality in coffee. In that vein, Raquel formed Manos de Mujeres, a group that focuses on the empowerment of women coffee growers in Narino. In Colombia (and elsewhere), coffee production is largely a male-dominated field and Raquel has been a determined advocate for creating a level playing field for coffee producing women. She firmly believes that financial autonomy for women is critical within households to reduce domestic violence, support child welfare, and improve family incomes, all while spurring economic growth within communities. We are proud to feature a coffee from a woman who shares our passion for quality, sustainability, and female empowerment.