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New! Sudan Rume

You guys. This coffee is crazy! Are you ready for a truly unique and exceptional experience? Our cupping notes said things like wow, holy crap and WHAT is that?! The perfumy intensity of this coffee coupled with tasting notes of lemonade, rosemary, sweet mint, pear, white grape, and wild flower make this coffee a truly one-of-a-kind coffee experience. We highly recommend grabbing a bag today while supplies last.
Coffee Story. Sudan Rume is an exceptionally rare, wild coffee variety hailing from what is now South Sudan’s Boma Plateau just across the border from Ethiopia. Because this coffee varietal is very low yielding (but wonderfully tasting), it is rarely grown as a single origin coffee and most often used as a stock of high quality genes for new hybrid varietals (for growers hoping to capture the exceptional flavors of Sudan Rume while creating higher yields.) In the last decade or so, however, specialty growers have started producing small lots of Sudan Rume and the variety has since gained global notoriety.
Our Las Margaritas Sudan Rume is a direct trade coffee from the highly esteemed Cafe Granja La Esperanza- suppliers of rare, specialty coffees from Colombia-and their farm Las Margaritas. For three generations, Café Granja La Esperanza has been at the forefront of experimentation and sustainability efforts in the coffee industry. This hybrid Sudan Rume microlot is a fine example of pushing the boundaries in coffee growing. Cafe Granja La Esperanza manages 5 award-winning farms in Colombia and has won numerous awards with their coffees including the Good Food Awards and the SCA Triple Crown Award (the Brewer’s Cup, Barista Championship, and Roaster Championship). They are C.A.F.E Practices certified and leaders in innovation in coffee processing, sustainability, and agronomy.
Sold out. If interested in this coffee we highly recommend our La Candelilla Geisha or Bekele Heto Natural Ethiopia.