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This is the third year in a row that we’ve purchased a coffee from the Bufcafe washing station. Our team prizes the washing station’s continual dedication to quality and the crisp winey acidities and deep floral notes we find in its coffees. This year’s coffee fits the winey-fudge profile and offers some delicate fruit notes.

When roast profiling the coffee, we decided that we wanted to maintain this coffee’s subtle structure to provide an approachable cup. Around the cupping table, we all agreed – this was the kind of cup we could drink every morning. The coffee’s mandarin orange acidity, satiny mouthfeel and fudge aftertaste were prominent but not over-powering. The cup had a quiet confidence that we feel fits well in our current lineup that showcases some very bright and enzymatic coffees.

We’ve provided a French press recipe for this coffee. We know that the French press is a go-to brewing method for many because of its simplicity and ease, and we feel like this coffee’s straightforward profile makes it the perfect match for this time-tested method.

The recipe below is one we’re particularly enjoying. Please give it a go and let us know what you think.

French Press –

Specs – 1:15 ratio, grind fine-medium (5.5 on the EK43), third wave water, 212 F degrees in the kettle.

Recipe – first, preheat your French press with hot water (make sure to pour out the water before adding your ground coffee). Next, weigh out 23 grams of coffee and grind it fine to medium. Once your water has heated up to temperature (212 F), start your timer and add all 345 grams of water.  When pouring, make sure to disperse your hot water evenly over all of your coffee grounds. Once you’ve added all of your water, take a spoon, submerge it half way into the brew slurry and give it one gentle stir. Then cover your French press with the plunger, but don’t submerge the plunger under the water just yet. At 3 minutes, press your plunger gently until you feel some resistance from your coffee slurry and stop. The plunger should be just under the surface of the slurry. Next, start gently and slowly pouring your coffee out of your French press and into a serving vessel. Pouring in this deliberate manner will help keep as much sediment in the French press as possible. You should finish pouring by 4 minutes. After pouring, stir your coffee with a spoon, serve and enjoy!