Blackberry. Purple Grape. Clematis. Nutmeg.
$23.00 / 12oz
Body: Jammy
Acidity: Round
Producer: Yusra
Variety: Ateng. Bor Bor. Catimor. Timor.
Growing Elevation: 1500 Meters
Processing: Washed
Certifications: Single Farmer Micro-lot
Region: Aceh. Sumatra.

This coffee is a single farm lot from grower Yusra who grows coffee, banana, avocado, and lamtoro on his one hectare farm. It is extremely rare for Sumatran coffees to be sold as individual farmer lots and Yusra has become an exception to the norm. Microlot coffees like Yusra’s not only have more traceability but also achieve a higher level of quality that is rewarded with higher prices. This particular lot is washed as opposed to the common Sumatran processing method of wet hulling the coffee. This means that we get all the lovely fruit and spice notes that are common to Sumatra, while foregoing the overwhelming earth and mustiness that can be present in a wet hulled offering. This particular lot boasts tasting notes of blackberry, purple grape, clematis, and nutmeg.

Aceh, in northern Sumatra, is an incredible region for coffee production. The average farm is one hectare, 80% of producers within northern Sumatra are women, and 95% of producers are smallholders. The region is diverse, geographically speaking. It is surrounded by beaches with a swampy inland, and the Barisan Mountains make up the inner two-thirds of the area. Coffee is grown on this volcanic mountain amongst the rainforest. One of the notable features of this area is Lake Taboa, the largest volcanic lake in the world.

washed Sumatra coffee

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