Apricot. Vanilla Soda. Blackberry. Floral.
$20.00 / 12oz
Coffee Review
Body: Velvety
Acidity: Sweet-tart
Producer: Smallholder Farmers
Variety: JARC 74110. JARC Varities. Local Landraces.
Growing Elevation: 1900-2200 Meters
Processing: Fully Washed. Dried on Raised Beds.
Region: Riripa Village. West Arsi. Sidamo. Ethiopia.

This coffee is sourced from smallholder farmers in Riripa Village in West Arsi, Sidamo.

Farming methods in Sidamo remain largely traditional. Sidamo farmers typically intercrop their coffee plants with other food crops. This method is common among smallholders because it maximizes land use and provides food for their families. It is also a much more sustainable, environmentally friendly style of farming.

In addition to remaining traditionally intercropped, most farms are also traditional and organic by default. Farmers in Sidamo typically use very few—if any—fertilizers or pesticides. Most farm work is done manually and very few tasks are mechanized, even during processing.

Farmers selectively handpick ripe, red cherry and deliver it to the Riripa washing station. At intake, cherry is carefully inspected and only dense, ripe cherry is selected. Cherry is pulped on a disk pulper and fermented in water for 36-48 hours depending on ambient conditions. The coffee is then thoroughly washed in clean water grading channels, after which it is dried in the sun on raised African beds for 12-15 days, or until the optimum moisture content has been reached. In the daytime the parchment needs to be raked and turned periodically to ensure a consistent drying process. The coffee is also covered between 12pm and 3pm to protect it from the hot sun, and at night time to protect it from rainfall and moisture.

This particular lot is everything we love about a traditional washed coffee from Ethiopia. It has all those lovely citrus and floral notes common to the region. It is velvety with a sweet-tart acidity and boasts tasting notes of apricot, vanilla soda, blackberry, and meyer lemon. A lovely, classic cup!


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