Rayo del Sol

Green Apple Candy. Banana. Cashew Butter.
$19.50 / 12oz
Coffee Review
Body: Buttery
Acidity: Round
Producer: Roxana Rangel
Varietal(s): Yellow Caturra & Typica
Growing Elevation: 1850 Meters
Processing: Washed. Dried on Patios and Elevated Tables inside Solar Dryers.
Certifications: Woman-owned
Region: Panchia, Tabaconas, Cajamarca, Peru

Want to support women in coffee? This is the perfect microlot coffee for you. Roxana Rangel Granda started producing coffee in 2013 on her 13-acre farm Rayo del Sol (Sunbeam.) She has her own micro-mill where carefully harvested cherries are fermented for 24 hours, then floated to remove less dense or damaged coffee before depulping. After depulping, the beans (still covered in mucilage) are fermented for another 36 hours and then washed to remove the remaining mucilage. The coffee is then dried on covered raised beds for around 25 days. With the help of Aroma del Valle, a organization established to help growers access the specialty coffee market, Roxana has quickly gained recognition in the specialty market and it is easy to see why. This special coffee is very flowery and sweet. Notes from the JBC cupping team include green apple candy, banana, cashew butter, and cranberry. Definitely a must try for coffee drinkers who enjoy the florality and sweetness of a really lovely Peru coffee.


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