Palo de Rosa Pink Bourbon

Rainier Cherry. Papaya. Lemon Blossom. Pomegranate.
$22.00 / 8oz
Body: Silky
Acidity: Bright and Sweet-Tart
Producer: 16 small farmers in collaboration with Terra Coffee SAS
Variety: Pink Bourbon
Growing Elevation: 1750-2000
Processing: Double Fermented and Washed. Dried on Raised Beds
Certifications: Microlot
Region: La Argentina, Huila, Colombia

This lovely coffee is the coveted Pink Bourbon variety grown by 16 smallholder farmers in the Huila region of Colombia. “Palo de Rosa” loosely translates to the “Rose Tree” group, referring to these 16 smallholder farmers who rallied together to isolate out Pink Bourbon on their farms and develop unique processing protocols for the coffee. In conjunction with Terra Coffee-whose signature style is to rally producers, educate them on specific techniques, and coordinate their efforts to create special lots like this-these small holder farmers were able to create a truly special micro-lot that is delightful. The sixteen contributing farmers each employ a two-stage fermentation process to an otherwise straightforward traditional washed style of processing. After rinsing the coffee cherries, a brief “pre-fermentation” stage allows the coffee to ripen and lightly macerate before depulping and a somewhat long 48 to 70-hour secondary fermentation in parchment. Finally, the coffee is washed and laid out to dry in shady patios for 25 to 30 days. 

About the Pink Bourbon variety. This particular lot is a single variety-Pink Bourbon. Pink Bourbon was first discovered and grown in Colombia and is known for its intense floral notes and pleasant acidity. This variety also has a higher glucose content which produces a sweeter cup and silkier body. Pink Bourbon has grown immensely in popularity in recent years due to it’s impressive, fruit-forward cup characteristics. It was at once thought to be a natural mutation of the Red Bourbon variety but recent genetic testing has found it is actually most genetically similar to Ethiopian Landraces.

This particular lot of Pink Bourbon is really special. We called it beachy and whimsical when we tasted it and identified tasting notes of rainier cherry, papaya, lemon blossom, and pomegranate. It’s sweet, bright, silky…and simply put just lovely.

Pink Bourbon Variety
Pink Bourbon Variety
Pink Bourbon Variety

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