Minanga Village

Orange Zest. Cucumber. Dark Chocolate.
$24.00 / 12oz
Coffee Review
Body: Slick
Acidity: Bright & Refreshing
Producer: Smallholder Farmers
Varietal(s): S795
Growing Elevation: 1400-1600 Meters
Processing: Washed
Region: Toraja, Sulawesi
If you are after a unique coffee experience, this ones for you! Introducing our Minanga Village Sulawesi. This particular lot comes from PT Toarco- a Japanese-Indonesian joint mill and export venture that is know for producing clean, sweet, and fruity coffees. This coffee is no exception. It boasts unique mint, green grape and cucumber tasting notes, along with more traditional notes of orange zest, dark chocolate, and caramel. The JBC cupping team called it refreshing, slick, and one-of-a-kind.

Toarco owns Pedamaran Plantation and also purchases wet parchment (at 40% moisture) coffees from from small producers at collection points in Perangian, Pango Pango, Minanga, and Perindingan. Once collected, the coffee is trucked to Pedamaran Plantation immediately after purchase, where it is dried using mechanical Yamamoto vertical dryers as well as Pinalhalense guardiolas, horizontal dryers like those found throughout Colombia. The mechanical dryers assist in maintaining uniform drying, which typically takes 72 hours.

If a producer wants to sell their parchment coffee to Toarco, they need to get certified in certain quality standards like selective picking, storage, transportation,moisture levels, etc. Farmers are issued ID cards that allow them to sell their coffee at various purchasing points in the Tana Toraja region during the market week. PT Toarco is focused on providing education and support to its producer partners. Currently the company offers once-yearly classes for producers to receive their ID cards, but they hope to expand their education opportunities to twice yearly and include things such as cherry selection, planting/picking techniques, and fermentation. They also hold a party at the end of the harvest cycle each year to celebrate where they give out coffee production tools (such as depulpers) to farmers. About 150 to 200 producers attend the party every year.


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