Masha #5 Honey

Navel Orange. Apricot. Gardenia. Matcha.
$20.00 / 12oz
Body: Plush
Acidity: Winey
Producer: Smallholder Farmers
Variety: Bourbon
Growing Elevation: 1675
Processing: Honey Process
Region: Kayanza. Burundi.

Over three thousand smallholder farmers contribute to the Masha Washing Station in Kayanza Burundi. The average farm size is just 297 trees on roughly 11 hectares. These small-holder farmers are reliant upon coffee for the livelihood and have had their fair share of difficulties due to political conflict in Burundi. In recent  years, the country has experienced more stability and quality-focused coffee programs have abounded. This particular coffee lot is part of Masha Washing stations microlot program. Burundi microlots are selected based on cup quality and separated out for their delicious aroma, flavor, acidity, and body. This particular lot is a honey process coffee, meaning some of the fruity mucilage was left on the coffee beans while they were drying. We call this coffee the sleeper because while it smells really sweet and pleasant to start, it really builds a ton of flavor as it cools becoming orangey, winey, and jammy.


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