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New Coffee! Bella Carmona Guatemala

Welcoming back one of our favorite coffees: Bella Carmona Guatemala. This coffee is just downright pleasant to drink with autumn-like tasting notes of apple, milk chocolate, clementine, and caramel. Bottom line: An everyday, comfort coffee that is crisp, lush, and delicious.
About. Coffee producer Luis Pedro Zelaya has four generations of Guatemalan coffee culture pulsing through his veins and a reputation for producing world-class coffees. At his farm Hacienda Carmona, Zelaya is meticulous about plant nutrition, pruning, and pest management. At Bella Vista (the location of the wet and dry-mills), Zelaya and his team meticulously process fully traceable lots by harvest date, location, variety, and altitude. Coffee is depulped, fermented, and washed in a traditional process that has been perfected over the last 100 years. The coffee is then gradually dried in a controlled environment designed to protect cup quality. Raised drying beds and sensor-controlled airflow permit a more uniform drying process. The same focus on sorting and quality control is executed through to the final export stage.
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